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the first playet turns one card and bets, the second player must turn his/her cards until they beat the person before them.  After several plays have happened, a wild card comes out. Other players have more cards to turn.  If some of the prior players do not beat the person now betting, do they have to go out if they do not have any more cards to turn?  Also, does the present player have to now beat everyone on the table, or only the person preceeding them?

Follow The Queen is a home poker variations some peeps like to play. The game utilizes several wild cards, some which could change as the game goes on, which tends to keep people in the hand longer. Follow The Queen is played in a way similar to 7-card stud, but there are a few key differences.

Each player starts with two face down hole cards. Then the first face up card is dealt to each person. Anyone that has a queen in their hand either face up or face down treats the Queen as a wild card. If a Queen is dealt face up though, the queen is wild as well as the next card dealt face up after it. So let's say the Qd is dealt face up, and after that the 5s. Every queen and 5 in the deck are now wild. But, here is the trick..... if another queen is dealt face up, the queen is still wild but it cancels the previous wild card and once again the card dealt after that queen is wild. So someone could have two wild cards conceivably after the first couple of face up cards dealt and betting, only to find their wild cards become no longer wild on a future face up round.

The last round of cards dealt face up is the fourth face up card for each player, if a Q comes as the final face up card of the game (the last player dealt to in the last face up round), the only cards that are wild are queens. Some also play that the Queen of spades is the "Killer Queen", meaning if the queen of spades is dealt face up (and only face up), everyone throws their hands away and the hand is redealt after everyone antes again. The trick here though is that if someone has folded before the "Killer Queen" is dealt, they will not be allowed to play the redealt hand. This is another way to keep people in the game longer. Of course as in normal 7-card stud, the last card is down and the wild cards can't change in the last round since the cards are face down.

There are two strategies people try in Follow The Queen when they have a good hand. You can either try to max bet early and try to get everyone to fold so you win a small pot, or you can keep playing small to medium bets hoping nobody will defeat you in the end. If your hand depends on the card that is currently wild other than a queen, you might want to bet big early hoping to limit the number of people that stay in hoping for another queen to be dealt face up. If you have one or two queens in your hand, then you would probably prefer to slow play the hand, which is the other strategy. Of course the risk of slow playing is someone might pick up a couple wild cards later in the game when the card they want to be wild follows a face up queen.

In general in Follow The Queen it is hard to force your opponents out too early, because they have the hope of the changing wild card, or of a redeal if you play "Killer Queen". This is a game where it helps to know how willing your opponents are to take a risk and wait for the cards they need when the betting gets big early.

HERE is a simple version of the rules:

Follow the Queen Rules

Follow the Queen is a poker variation that uses the same basic setup and game structure as Seven Card Stud. The difference is that in this game, all Queens and certain other cards are played as wild cards.

This is a fun poker game in which the wild cards can change multiple times within a single hand. Strong hands can become weak hands and weak hands can become powerhouses with just the single flip of a card.

Follow the Queen isnít played in any casino but many home games like to include it in the lineup. The ever changing wild cards make this a wild but incredibly fun game. This game should be played in the fixed-limit format as opposed to no-limit.

Wild Cards

The first thing to remember is that no matter what else happens, Queens are always wild cards. Any time a Queen is dealt face up anywhere on the table, the next card dealt face up, and all cards of the same rank, are also wild cards.

Any time another Queen after that is dealt face up, the next card dealt face up replaces the previous card as the wild card. If a Queen is the last card to be dealt face up, Queens are the only wild cards.


Every hand begins with each player paying an ante to get the hand started with a little money in the middle. Antes are small, mandatory bets that are equal in size to 10% of the lower betting limit. This means that if youíre playing in a $2/$4 game, the antes are $0.20.

Third Street

Each player is dealt two cards face down and one face up. Each player is dealt one card at a time, beginning with the payer to the left of the dealer and going clockwise around the table.

The betting begins with the player who has the lowest card showing. This player must pay the bring-in, which is a bet equal to half the size of the lower betting limit. This player may just pay the bring-in or he may raise it up to a full minimum bet.

Once that player makes his decision, the betting continues clockwise around the table. Each player has the option to call the current bet, raise, or fold.

Fourth Street

Next, each player is dealt one card face up. This is followed by a round of betting that begins with the player who has the best hand showing. The player who starts the betting may check, bet, or fold.

Fifth Street

One card is dealt face up to each player. This is followed by another round of betting identical to the previous round except that from here on out, all bets must be made using the upper betting limit.

Sixth Street

One card is dealt face up to each player. This is followed by a round of betting identical to the previous round.

Seventh Street

A final card is dealt face down to each player. This is followed by one more round of betting identical to the previous round.


The players still in the hand after the last round of betting now reveal their cards. The player with the best poker hand, using any five of his seven cards, wins the pot.

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