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if you were to train me for four weeks to become a professional gambler and had a million dollars on the line,what would the training look like?what if i trained for eight weeks


I've actually gotten asked this question several times before.  If you've read any of my AllExperts responses, then you know that live poker is your best bet.  Nothing else even comes close.

4-8 weeks is also a good amount of time.  Most of it would be classroom training with live sessions introduced after several weeks.  Homework would definitely start by having you read "The Theory of Poker" by David Sklansky.  Depending on your mathematical skills, we'd cover the book in 1-2 weeks then move on to other topics: poker podcasts, on-line play money poker, table simulation with play money, introduction to live poker rooms, real money sessions with you shadowing me, and finally I'd shadow you.  We'd review session logs and discuss strategy.

Plenty of pros offer on-line lessons or access to their website full of training videos.  None come cheap and you can expect to pay $100-$300 per hour for lessons.  

In addition to Sklansky's book, you can subscribe to "Deuce Plays with Bart Hanson" in iTunes for free.  The library of 130 podcasts is a must-listen for any aspiring poker player.  Give it a try.

I'm headed to south Florida tomorrow for a couple weeks of poker.  If you have any other questions I can answer them then.



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