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QUESTION: Hi, I have a white macbook mid 2010, it has a 32 bit windows 7 running on it via bootcamp. Recently i bought battlefield3 and installed it from the cd. After it installed whenever i try to play this always appears  "failed to initialize display adapter please ensure your video card is compatible and the drvierd for it are installed, usually this is a result of missing vendor specefic drivers" please help,i have re installed and done the repair via origin but to no avail it still does not work. and i am sure that bf3 can work on the partition as my friends macbook pro is succesfully running bf3, please help asap thanks !

ANSWER: Hi Anish

I should be able to help you with this problem.  First of all, this message is a result of your graphics card and not your hard drive.  To quote the system requirements for the game:

"Graphic card: DirectX 10 or 11 compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI card, ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher."

You first need to investigate if your graphics card is at least DirectX 10 compatible and if it is, you then need to update your graphics cards drivers through the manufacturers website.

If you are having problems regarding if your card is compatible with the game, please tell me the model of the card and I will let you know.


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QUESTION: Hey so I checked the details it says I have a standard vga graphcis adapter, chip nvidia, DAC type 8bit main driver vga ? Please advise if it is compatible and where can I find an update for this ?

ANSWER: If you are being told you have just a standard vga graphics adapter then this leads me to two outcomes:

1 - You do not have a sufficient graphics card for playing Battlefield 3 and cannot solve your problem unless you purchase a new graphics card

2 - You have a graphics card but haven't installed the sufficient drivers for it meaning you are still using just standard motherboard graphics.

To be honest I think your laptop is just too out of date to play such a game and an upgrade would be needed but I am still curious about your graphics so...

You have a Macbook mid 2010?

Then please follow these steps:

Open System Profiler by choosing About this Mac from the Apple () menu, then clicking More Info.

Select the Graphics/Displays item in the Hardware section.  Two entries should appear under Video Card: "Intel HD Graphics" and "NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M".

Click "Intel HD Graphics".

Read the detail view under "Displays".

If the detail says "Color LCD" and "Display Connector", you are in Intel HD Graphics mode.

If the detail says only "Display Connector:  Status: No Display Connected ", you are in NVIDIA

GeForce GT 330M Graphics mode.

Click "NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M".

Read the detail view under "Displays".

If the detail says "Color LCD" and "Display Connector", you are in NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Graphics mode.

If the detail says only "Display Connector:  Status: No Display Connected", you are in Intel HD Graphics mode.

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QUESTION: Ok thanks, it says built-in color lcd display, 13 inch (1280X800)
Nvidia Geforce 320m 256MB graphics :) so pls advise what to do if I need to update or buy a new driver :) and if I need to update from where? And if I need to buy which driver should I buy :) and how can I install it or do I need to take it to some center ?

Hi again Anish

Thanks for getting that information for me.

I can now confirm that your laptop is simply not powerful enough for running modern games such as Battlefield 3.  Your laptop may struggle to run it on the lowest settings.  I would first put everything on the lowest settings and see if it works.  If not, then you will need to upgrade your laptop if you plan on gaming.

In general, no laptop is good for gaming unless it has been built for that specific purpose.  Gaming laptops are quite expensive and this is why most gamers use desktop PCs.  I can say that updating your graphics card driver will not solve this problem and if the game does not work on the lowest settings then it will not work.

The good news is that your laptop is not suffering from any hardware issues, so you don't need to worry about that.  It is simply the system requirements of the software in question that is causing the problem.

Any other questions please ask.  


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