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Gaming/Can't save game (Batman Arkham City) PC?


After installing Batman Arkham City on PC (windows 8), it said that xlive.dll files was missing or could not be found. Therefore I used "DLL-Files Fixer" software to fix this problem. Then the game started to work perfectly, but I am UNABLE TO SAVE THE GAME. THE HOME BUTTON DOES NOT WORK, that comes up with the screen for making an offline profile. I tried to download "Game for Windows Live", but still the home button did not came up. Then I checked out some videos online, to see If I could fix the from problem. They said that to copy-paste 5 different xlive files from
C drive/Windows/SysWOW64 to C drive/Windows/System32. But there was only one xlive.dll files, that was probably created by DLL-Files Fixer software (as mentioned before). I copied this file to system 32 but it still didn't work.
What do I do?? How do I save game?

Well I have not yet played that game nor do I have Windows 8 but here are a bunch of links that might be able to help you with your problem:

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hope this helps.


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