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My wildlife park 3 game dvd is infected with virus and I could not load or re-install the game. So, I would like to know if the dvd can be replaced by the company as it is still under the warranty period or is there any other measure to rectify the problem.

If the dvd was a genuine purchase from the manufacturer then it simply cannot have a virus within it.  Perhaps your anti virus software is detecting something a virus when no virus is actually contained.

If the dvd actually had a virus then the company has put it there meaning that any replacement would have one and they would also be shut down.  I found no evidence that the company that made this has done this sort of thing.

If the dvd is read only then you can't remove any files.  I'm afraid the only option is to directly contact the company and tell them the problem. They will most likely send a replacement as your dvd may just be faulty.



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