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    i use an HP Paillion Dm4 but i'm unable to play Fifa 12 on my computer.. keeps complaining about my graphic memory.. i was wondering if there's any possible way i can adjust my available graphic memory to enable me play games without any adverse consequences to my system.

ANSWER: Hi Joseph

To answer your question fully, I will need to have your PCs specification.  Can you please give me a brief rundown of your system?


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QUESTION: hello,
    system spec: cpu: intel core i5, 2.30GHZ
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM)   4.00 GB
    OS: windows 7 Home premium
    total available graphic memory:1696mb
    dedicated video memory:64mb
    system video memory:0mb
    shared system memory:1632mb

Thank you..

Hi Joseph

Thanks for giving me the spec of your laptop.  I can see that you have integrated chip set based on your spec.  You have 1696 mb of graphics memory which is shared over the entire system.  64 mb of dedicated memory is not high at all but it should not matter as it is not memory that is the problem here, it is the graphics system itself.  You cannot increase the amount of dedicated video memory without buying a graphics card.  Some people make recommendations for changing settings in your BIOS but it will not help here.  All I can recommend is that you close other programs when running the game and play it on a lower setting with lower resolution.  It will not look as good but it should run and play smoothly.  Unfortunately you will not be able to play it on high settings with your graphics memory.  Another recommendation is to run the game while the laptop is plugged in so it does not need to run from the battery.  So try running the game on the lowest settings, then gradually increase them until you find the point where the game runs but looks better than the game does on minimum settings.  Unfortunately it's very difficult to achieve good gaming performance on a laptop if it is not a gaming laptop, especially with integrated graphics.

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