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Gaming/buying PSP a good idea?


Hi, I'm planning to buy the PSP but since PS Vita has released , will the PSP become obsolete in few months and is it that there will be no new games released for the PSP? Thank you in advance.


There is no point in buying one if you expect new games to be released.  Sony are completely focusing on the Vita, even trying to integrate PS4 games into Vita versions that can be played away from the PS4 console itself.  If you wish to purchase a PSP to play already established games then you will be able to get the PSP at a cheaper price when the PS4 is launched.  The PSP is also notoriously easy to hack and many people play the entire library for free.  This is one of the reasons why Sony have abandoned it.

So.  I would say it is already obsolete and Sony are not going to focus on it at all anymore.  Buy one if you wish to play free or cheap games that have already been released, or buy the Vita which will be Sony's main handheld focus for the foreseeable future.

Any clarification or any further questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks :)



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