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I would like to play games stretched on two screens.
I have a GTX285. I know that the center line is in the middle of my screen, but I would like to play some racegames of both screens.
I have two 22" screens, both use the same resolution.
I have been looking around for solutions, but I haven't found anything working yet.


With recent changes to the nVidia drivers, nVidia Surround (the software product you would need to enable this) will require three monitors and an appropriate SLI configuration. See more here:

In previous iterations of the nVidia driver, setting your multi-monitor configuration to "stretch" (where Windows will "see" them as a single monitor of 3360*1050 (or whatever is appropriate given the resolution of your displays) would allow many newer games to be played across both displays. This does not include bezel compensation, and the center-line can be quite distracting in such a configuration.

There are separate hardware solutions that will include their own software, which will make this functionality much easier to implement. Matrox is the field-leader there. Assuming your monitors have compatible connectors, this would be the appropriate device:

Generally speaking their solutions will exclusively target a triple monitor configuration, however you would only need to add a similar monitor to your existing hardware (plus the GXM device), as opposed to tracking down a GTX 285.



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