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Hi, I have just brought one of my favourite old pc games on amazon, Theme Hospital.

I have a windows 7 computer and Theme Hospital is not compatible, I did find a way to run the game by watching this youtube video

Although I can run the game it will crash often, causing me to reset my computer and even though I have changed the properties the graphics still aren't great. Is there anyway I can play this game? Seems as though windows 7 doesn't allow me to play any of the old classics.


Older games and Windows 7 can be tough; it may be that the game is not playable (in a stable fashion) on Windows 7, but let's not give up hope yet.

Under the compatability tab, have you enabled "Run Program as Administrator" and "Run in 256 colors?" Furthermore, have you tried setting "Run in compatability mode" to Windows 95?

If these all fail (and they may); DOS emulation through DOSBox would be my next suggestion, see here:
And here:

And for more information about DOSBox:

Another option, albeit one that requires purchasing another copy of the game, would be to get the game for PlayStation (the original Sony PlayStation does have a port of the title, and it would work with no emulation issues); if you do not have a PlayStation or PlayStation 2, however, this may be somewhat more costly (as you'd also have to source the hardware).



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