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Hello sir! i am planning to build a custom pc for gaming and i was hoping if you could share your opinion whether the parts i've gathered below is sufficient enough for high end gaming at least for another 3 years or so? if you could rate by 10 how would you rate the machine based on the peripherals...

here are the details

Intel i7 3770s Processor
Corsair H80i CPU Liquid Cooler
ASRock Fatal1ty X79 Professional Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance Pro Red 8GB DDR3 2133 Memory
Palit GT660Ti 2GB GDDR5 PCIE VGA Card
WD Caviar Blue 1TB Hard Disk
LiteOn 24X DVD Writer
Corsair C70 (White/Black/Military) Gaming Case
Corsair GS800v2 Power Supply

i am also thinking of having dual graphic cards...
and also do you think i should add a soundcard such as "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium" or an alternative such as the Razer surround driver is sufficient enough?

Thank you and looking forward for your reply

Firstly, be aware that there is no "future proof" in PC gaming - what is state of the art today may be outdated next week, and nobody has a fool-proof crystal ball to tell you whether or not this will be a problem. The best you can do, therefore, is purchase a machine that is able to be upgraded in the future (generally you will end up needing to upgrade the graphics card after a year or two, and you'll be set for another year or two of gaming; you may also find yourself adding more memory or storage, depending on what kinds of applications you need to run).

Regarding the system you've spec'd out here, everything looks in order. Two changes I would suggest would be the system memory and the graphics card - I'd replace the very expensive 8GB kit you've selected with a less expensive 16GB kit (which will do more for performance in the long run), and I'd step the graphics adapter up to something more robust like the GeForce 680 (or 780), or Radeon 7800 or 7900 series. Multiple graphics cards is not a terrible idea, but generally is not as wise a way to spend your money as buying a single more powerful graphics adapter (it also tends to be less power efficient). By 2014 or 2015 you will probably be looking at a new graphics card, but I don't forsee PCI Express going out of style in the next few years, so you should have no problems there.

The other components you've selected are good - Corsair, ASRock, Lite-On, and Western Digital all produce quality hardware, and the Intel CPU will be more than powerful enough to keep you going for a good while (realize that in a few years it will no longer be top-of-the-roost in performance, but that shouldn't be a terrible impediment to gaming (gaming performance is more directly tied to the graphics adapter); there are many gamers out there still using their Core 2 Quad processors to great effect).

Regarding the sound card - that's really personal preference. If you want surround sound and the other features offered by a Sound Blaster, it can be a good investment, but if you find that you're generally only using stereo speakers then it may not be worth the money for you. As far as which sound card to pick, the Sound Blaster model you mentioned is a very good performer.



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