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My friend is very hard of hearing.  I would like to get her a pair of wireless headphones to connect to my pc so she can listen to internet radio.  We have wireless for our old tv and radio.  But, I need one to hook to the pc so she can walk around and listen.  Can you help?  Any recommendations will be appreciated!  Thanks

Sennheiser offers a very wide range of wireless headphones, including some that are designed as assistive listening devices. You can review them here:

You will connect the base station's analog inputs to the computer's audio output.

If those are outside of your budget, or unavailable in your region, you may also look at Koss:

Note that only the JR-900 are RF wireless; the HB series headphones are IR based (and require line of sight between the headphone and the transmitter box - this may or may not work for your application as a result).

Finally, there are still more options available from Sony:



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