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Hello sir!

Currently my PC specs are as follow:

Intel i5 3570K - 3.40 GHz
Corsair H80i CPU Liquid Cooler
ASRock Z77 Performance Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance Pro Red 8GB DDR3 2133 Memory
Palit GTX660Ti Jetstream 2GB GDDR5 PCIE VGA Card
WD Caviar Blue 1TB Hard Disk
LiteOn 24X DVD Writer
Corsair C70 (White/Black/Military) Gaming Case
Corsair GS800v2 Power Supply

My question is:
Will it be able to run future games at max settings? Watch dogs/ BF4/ FIFA 14/ The Witcher 3/ GTA V etc

i'm not planning to buy a ps4/xbox one anytime soon...

if you think any component i should be upgrading do tell...budget i can improvise though...

thank you and looking forward for your reply

All your specs look good except for the Intel i5 3570K - 3.40 GHz CPU.  The 3.40GHZ part is great but since it is an i5 you will prolly not be able to run the games you listed at max settings with your PC's highest resolution and get super kick ass frame rates.  But you will still be able to run pretty much every new game that comes out for quite a few years to come with decent to good frame rates and what not mainly cuz your video card has 2GB of GDDR5 RAM on it and it also supports DX11.  Hope this info helps.


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