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hello sir my name is znyth and im from india, as i have system which is not so high end and just planning change some hardwre lyk my gpu .as im in a tight budget . i cant afford anew mobo or a processor. so my mobo is asus m5a78lmlx and my procssr is fx4100 amd so plz sir can u suggest me a good  economic gpu which would be compatible to my mobo and render good performance as i wanna play high end games for that ive collected lot of latest games too. main thing is that the graphic card should be compatible with my mobo as i ve heard that gpu shuld be bought according to our mobos sometym it is not compatible so i don wanna make any mistakes as ive zero knowledge on this so thought takin advices wuld be a better idea. i hope u will be helpin me on this topic
thank you

Your system is fairly modern, even if it isn't top of the line, which means you have a lot of options for adding a graphics card. The next thing you need to find out, before you go shopping, is how large your power supply is - a lot of modern graphics cards require at least a 450W power supply to operate. If that isn't an issue, you're only limited by your budget; the motherboard you have supports PCI Express x16, which is what modern graphics cards use, and the FX-4100 is a fairly powerful CPU in its own right, which means going with a modern graphics adapter should give you reasonable performance in most games.

If you can tell what your power supply is, and roughly what your budget looks like, I can make some general suggestions for graphics hardware. If you have a few games in mind as well, it may make things easier - primarily if the games you'd like to play are a year or two old, as it may mean you don't need to spend as much to get respectable performance.



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