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I own Command & Conquer The First Decade. I recently installed and attempted to play Red Alert 2 and Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge on my Windows 8 Laptop and PC. The two programs installed fine on both. Red Alert 2 will work and run fine on my laptop and PC, but the Yuri's Revenge will load to the black screen, then force close and won't play. I was wondering if you knew of a solution or a reason why one would play but the other wouldn't.

Have you ensured that you are running the games as administrator (the game's exes need to be enabled to run as administrator), and set compatibility mode for Windows XP?

- To run as administrator, locate the game's exe (you specifically want game.exe, yuri.exe, ra2.exe, and gamemd.exe in your RA2 folder) and right click, select the Compatibility tab from the window that opens, and tick the box for "run as administrator."

- On the same tab, also tick "Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP"

I would also suggest downloading and installing Command & Patch for The First Decade, as it addresses a number of bugs throughout the series. You can get it here:



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