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Question son is 8 years old n very much wants to make a computer game but doesn't know how to get started. Can you please guide me from scratch how to go about this project?  He has ideas but doesn't know how to materialise them

Generally speaking, the development of a complete computer game will be beyond the abilities of a child; popular AAA titles like Battlefield or Command & Conquer take a team of college-educated professionals (who have strong backgrounds in both high and low level programming, among other things) years of full-time work to develop and produce (often working on budgets of many millions of dollars). Smaller, less complicated "indie" games can still take considerable time and resources to complete (at least a year of full-time development is not unreasonable). For an individual, creating their own ground-up video game is an exceptionally daunting task, especially if they have no prior experience with programming.

However, there are finished products (themselves classified as games) that allow users to create their own content, such as RPG Maker ( - it is available from Steam), which may be a much better choice for you and your son. This kidn of utility will offer a more accessible framework to develop a game, but is complex enough to allow growth into scripting and other aspects of game design, making it both a good starting-off point as well as a good choice for a more experienced individual.



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