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I am wondering if it is possible to create super speed online in a game, say computer or ps4 or something along those lines, the speed I would like to be represented in this way, where on my screen I am travelling at normal speed but the other online players are going slow, and on the other players screen they are travelling normal speed but I look like im going really fast. Is this achievable in gaming in the future or is it impossible to do, if it is possible what way would it work?

I believe this would fail anti-cheating tests that most online gaming services uses these days, as it would create an unfair advantage for one player. However for the sake of discussion as a technical problem, if you ran your own server for testing you can do things like this in a variety of games if you are familiarized with the scripting/console commands sufficiently. Most Quake and Source based games, for example, can target specific players for increased speed or decreased speed modifiers. Look at scripting/console operation guides for those titles for more in-depth information, and remember that this isn't generally a script you could run on a public server.



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