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I am in need of assistance about building my own pc on can you help me? I need to know what processor, fan, graphics card, ect. If you can help me it would be much appreciated, thanks.

In general I don't suggest users use a service like "ibuypower" or "cyberpower" as they (the service) generally skimp on build quality and component quality in order to offer competitive pricing to manufacturers like Alienware or HP. My advice would be to either build the machine yourself (which isn't terribly hard, but does take some time (expect to spend an afternoon, if not a weekend, putting it all together)), or to buy the machine from a more reputable and reliable manufacturer like Alienware.

As far as what hardware you need, that will be based on a few factors:

- What games do you need the machine to play?
- What resolution of monitor(s) does the machine need to support?
- What other additional tasks does the machine need to perform? (for example if you also edit your own movies, dabble in animation/modeling to create game modifications, or other intensive tasks)
- What is your budget?

In general the easiest way to answer these questions is to look for the most demanding (or top 2-3 most demanding) games you play, and use their system requirements as a template for what hardware you need (if you only know of the games you want to play, we can look up the system requirements quite easily). If your budget is relatively limited (say, less than $1000 US), what you can buy will probably be dictated by that. In that case, it may be more economical and reasonable to purchase a gaming console that will support the titles you'd like to play. Of course if the games you'd like to play aren't available on console, that is a serious consideration as well.

If you have any further questions or need more assistance, feel free to ask.



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