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Hi there i want to build a gaming pc for myself but i cant decide between for a fx 6300 or a fx 4300 for gaming because ill only be using a gigabyte 7790 which isnt the the fx6300 might be overkill but might be more future proof.....and would you recomend 4 or 8 gigs of ram....will probably upgrade in 3 years or around there.......can you recomend the cheapest and best motherboard for these am3+ socket cpus...power suppl and case i have not yet figured out budget is about $400-$500 in dollars....BTW im in SOuth Africa things are expensive here..Thanx a lot....

Generally speaking the majority of games (especially from before ~2009) tend not to take any advantage of additional CPU cores beyond the first 2 or 4, however newer applications may benefit to some extent from a 6-core CPU. If you do heavy multimedia tasks I'd probably spend the extra money on the FX 6300, otherwise the FX 4300 would be a fine way to save money, and with older titles (as an example, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) may even end up ahead of the FX 6300 due to its higher clockspeed.

As far as memory - 4GB should be considered the bare minimum; 8GB would be a good choice if you can afford it. Of course this assumes you will be using a 64-bit operating system; if you're going to be using a 32-bit operating system 4GB is the functional limit (you will "see" less (around 3.25-3.5GB) due to chipset/memory management allocation).

Motherboard wise - I tend to like, and suggest, Biostar, Asus, and Gigabyte; look for something that is compatible with the CPU you select, offers the expansion and I/O features you want or need, and is compatible with the case you have selected.

I'll also add that "future proof" is an oxymoron - there is no guarantee the system will be up-to-date for gaming in a year, two years, etc. If you need that level of certainty when it comes to compatibility and performance, a gaming console (like a PlayStation) is a much safer bet.



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