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I asked you the earlier question regarding Frame rate and Guitar Hero 3. I found someone who will build a PC for me, so I'm curious to find out if you recommend the parts I'll be getting.
Here are the parts, I'm ordering from Amazon.

Motherboard -


Tower Case -

Hard Drive -



CPU Cooler -

Thermal Paste -

Graphics Card -


Please tell me your opinion/what I'm missing/advice.

Thank you, Brandon.

These parts look MUCH better - the only thing I'd comment on is the memory selection: 16GB is generally excessive unless you're also doing very heavy multimedia/CAD kinds of applications (usually pro users are where 16GB+ is needed). Dropping down to 8GB will have no appreciable impact on performance for videogaming, web browsing, etc but will probably slim around $100 off the budget. Something like this:
Or this: (Kingston is a fine manufacturer as well)

It's mostly a cost saving measure - if your budget doesn't really matter, there's nothing wrong with going with 16GB, but if saving the ~$100 is worth it, there's no harm with 8GB either. Oh and it's also worth noting the specific 16GB kit you found is neither sold nor fulfilled by Amazon - support, returns, etc will not be handled in the same way as the other parts. These 16GB kits are sold by Amazon and also cost less than the one you originally found:

If you wanted to maximize the system's overall performance, my advice would be to go with the Kingston 8GB kit, and put the extra money into a more powerful graphics adapter, like this one:

You'll have better 3D gaming performance from the GTX 760 than an extra 8GB of RAM, and the price differential shouldn't be more than a few dollars.



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