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I'm not a gamer.  I have the task to sell several xbox360's.  None have a detachable drive.  I'm writing you because I've done a lot of reading but still can't decipher whether it's a possibility there could be an internal drive - although I gather the xbox360 slim has an internal drive....

Can you lay this out for me?    If there is an internal drive on the Xbox 360 how can I go about determining exactly how many gbs?

Thanks for your help!!

Yes the Xbox360 can (and often does) feature an internal drive, and some models allow for an additional drive to be "hooked" onto the chassis (they all support USB expansion as well). The easiest way to determine what the specific consoles have is to start them up and go into the system information panels from the Dashboard (Console Settings -> Memory). Alternately if you know more about the specific version of Xbox360 you have, you can determine roughly what kind of hard-drive it has (that is, what the original retail configuration was; if post-purchase modification (e.g. if the console has been modchipped and isn't booting the OEM operating system) has been done to the system the only way to determine that is to start the machine up and see what it says, or tear the entire thing down and see what parts exist inside (if you have no technical experience/training I would not suggest this)).

Wikipedia has a table showing all of the retail configurations for Xbox360:

It isn't entirely fool proof, but looking at the combination of the system's coloring, shape, and available I/O ports should give you a good idea of what you're dealing with. In general I think it would be useful to provide this kind of information to prospective buyers as well (and keep in mind that the various limited edition releases may command a slight price premium due to their collectible factor - I wouldn't raise the price up dramatically (remember that under the custom artwork it is the same hardware, after all), but a few extra bucks should be reasonable).



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