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Dear Sir

I am wondering if you might be able to help me as I am looking for a certain pc game but I do not know the game but I can describe it for you as follows

it where you build you own roman army and once you got small group you sent them out to capture several other civilizations the barbarians, Mongols once you have capture one city then you can link it to your Roman city,  to feed your arms you have to send food from a little village that you have captured along the way  and link that to your  roman city and it send out donkeys to that city as well as people. every city you capture and  village can be linked to the roman city or city you captured plus at the roman city you started with you can build different types of roman solders with different weapons as well as on horses too. please do you know what the pc game might be I know it was out in 2006 but it might have come out before then. thank you for your help David

You could be describing a number of games, all of the ones that come to mind based on your description (in order of likeliness) are:

- Rome: Total War
- Age of Mythology
- Age of Empires II (has a modern re-release "HD Edition")
- Empire Earth (or a sequel)

Hopefully this helps.



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