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Hello! recently i noticed newer game requirements on PC demands the most from pc. Watch Dogs, The Evil Within and i assume from there on so will other future gaming titles. Hence i decided to upgrade my specs...i was wondering if you could recommend me on which CPU n GPU would do on the long run for future games. Budget is nearly there i suppose but im sure i dont want to spend more than 1k on a single GPU (are there any?)...currently im using a single monitor and i prefer that are my specs

GPU: GTX 660 Ti Jetstream Edition
CPU: i5 3570K
Mobo: ASRoCK Z77 Extreme 6

thank you and looking forward for your reply

Generally speaking there is no "future proof" with a gaming PC - you will be subject to the whims and changes of computer games, and as the industry exits a period of stagnation (brought about by the PlayStation 3 and Xbox360) system requirements are likely to grow dramatically over the next few years (and games like Watch Dogs are good examples of this at the early stages). Purchasing a top of the line graphics card today, like the nVidia GTX 980, would ensure that you could play games today, but games of tomorrow may or may not be compatible (one of the biggest "up in the air" issues is DirectX 12 - while nVidia and AMD are currently claiming that most of their current hardware will support it, Microsoft has not finalized the DX12 specifications, so changes may occur between now and its release next year, which could influence support).

In general my advice would be to hold off any major upgrading currently - nVidia has just (within the last few weeks) released a new series of GeForce cards, and AMD is likely to follow along with their own products before too long. I would wait and see what occurs with this event. Further, waiting for DirectX 12 to be finalized will also provide better information about what hardware you need to support the API. And finally, the pricing on the new nVidia and AMD cards will likely come down in time for Christmas or next spring, which is of course a benefit to customers.

Something else you may consider, if you don't want to be upgrading your machine every so often, and just want to play whatever game is available, is to move to a console platform - like Playstation 4 or Xbox One. They will support any logo-compatible game through their entire lifecycle (just as Playstation 3 and Xbox360 have done for the last 7-8 years), so there is a degree of future-proofing present there. For non-gaming tasks, your current computer should have no problems for the foreseeable future (it has sufficient processing power and capabilities), so as long as the operating system is kept up to date, it should have no problems going on for another few years.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, feel free to ask.



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