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This is such that even my granddaughter can't work it out!
We have used the game site Neopets ( for many years. All of a sudden some of the games/pages won't load, but come up as greyed out. I'm on a Windows 7 pc. and it's the same on my Windows 7 laptop.
Last week I upgraded an old laptop to Windows 10 and everything is ok.
Grateful for any suggestions or help.
Thank you.

ANSWER: I'm not very familiar with "Neopets" and I'm curious if the "greyed out" pages is either an issue with the Neopets website (which is likely nothing on your end), or with your web browser. Can you provide a screenshot or better describe exactly what is not loading properly? For example does the entire browser window become non-responsive? Or is it just sections of a single web-page aren't properly loading? What browser are you using on the Windows 7 computer, and what browser are you using on the Windows 10 PC? Are all of your media plug-ins (e.g. Flash, Silverlight, Java, etc) up to date?


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QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt reply.
All machines have Flash but not Java.
My pc and lap-top are on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11, and Neopets goes wrong.
My wife's laptop has Windows 10 with Edge and Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8, and Neopets is fine on both.
So could IE 11 be the problem? My pc and laptop were Ok until a few months ago - perhaps IE was automatically updated by Microsoft.
I attach a screen-shot showing the greyed screen. The whole page including the border can be scrolled.
Thanks again.

ANSWER: For general safety you should consider updating Internet Explorer 8 to a more current version, but it is possible that IE11 is causing issues here. Have you tried another browser, like Firefox, or Opera 12.xx (Opera 12.xx is relative outdated but has fantastic compatibility with many older websites - I would not suggest it as a "daily driver" browser)? Or using 'Compatibility Mode' within IE?


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QUESTION: Hello again Bob.
I seem to be stuck in one of those vicious circles.
I decided to go back to what you said in the first place - Flash.
I looked at my programme list and I have Adobe Flash Player 19 Active X.
I wasn't sure if this was the same as the basic plug-in.
So I started to download Flash and half way through it said I needed to disable Internet Explore.
I did this, but that required a restart, which then meant that I couldn't get to the download site to continue!
I do have fun.

Make sure that you've downloaded the updater from Adobe and not some third-party: (you can un-tick the McAfee offer if you like; it has no bearing on Flash)

That will provide you with an installer, which upon being run will require your web browsers to be closed, but closing Internet Explorer or Firefox should not require a reboot of the machine; once the installer finishes it will (by default) open your default web browser to display an Adobe page.



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