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I have recently been playing fallout 4 along with some other demanding games and am not getting the performance I think I should be getting. My gpu is a new msi r9 390 8gb. The cpu is an amd FX 6300. I have read that this cpu should be able to run game with this gpu without bottle-necking. But, as the screenshot shows, the gpu usage is going from extreme use to extreme stasis while in games.The only reason I can think for this is bottle necking. Short of getting a new cpu, how can I fix this? Also some people I know are getting better fps with lesser rigs, and I an getting less.

The FX-6300 is bound to be a significant performance limitation for any CPU-intensive game, especially games that rely heavily on single-threaded performance. This is a limitation of all current AMD FX processors, and systems based around them can exhibit significant performance hangs in some games as a result. Regarding Fallout 4, it is an extremely new game, and it is likely that performance optimizations will occur both in the form of updates from Bethesda, and driver updates from AMD for the Radeon. As far as the performance you're getting, the "GPU usage" chart isn't really a good indicator - what kind of frame-rates are you getting, and at what settings, and what are you expecting instead? If you're running at very low resolutions (e.g. 800x600) and still experiencing poor performance (<30 FPS), I would strongly suggest looking for (or waiting for, as the case may be) driver updates, however if you're hoping to run at full maximum settings with maximum IQ enhancements (AA/AF/etc) at very high resolutions (>1080p) it isn't surprising to hear about less than ideal performance in newer, more-demanding games.



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