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So i have this system :
Processor : AMD FX 6300
Video Card : Nvidia GT 730
Ram : 4 GB ( next weeks i will but another 4 GB )
HDD : 1 TB .

I want to buy Fifa 16 , can this system run this game to don't have lag...What about GTA V and other games like that , Crew , and games with specs like these games ...

I will buy next year in July other Video Card and the budget will be 150 euro .... What do you think is a good video card for gaming but cost max 150 euro ?

And what do you think about this PC can run all games until July next year when i upgarde video card ??
And in my mind processor will be very good for next 3 years , the video card which i will buy next year will be good for next 3 years and the rest i will see . What do you think ?

In order to advise a graphics card upgrade, I'd also need to know about the power supply in the system - it may or may not need to be upgraded as well (as a more powerful graphics card will require more power than the GT 730).

As far as the rest: the AMD FX processor is quite dated (dating back to 2011 originally; your CPU is a Piledriver-based model that was released in 2012), and presents a performance bottleneck compared to newer Intel designs. This doesn't mean it isn't serviceable, but it will present a performance bottleneck for many newer CPU bound games. With a more competent graphics card, however, it should be capable of at least running most modern games.

As far as "for the next 3 years" it is impossible to say - there is no guarantee of "future proof" performance or similar with a PC. If you need that level of forwards-compatible stability, especially on a narrow budget, I would strongly encourage you to consider a gaming console like Xbox One or PlayStation 4, which will have better forwards compatibility.



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