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We purchased Star Wars Battlefront 3. We purchased the PC edition and installed it on our Dell Laptop. Our Dell has 12Gb Ram and 318Gb of free space. The processor is also an Intel i5. The graphics card is also an Intel.

So far, the game has been installed. When we go to play the game, we either get a black screen or if we manage to get through to the game menus and select what game to play, the game then freezes and the PC locks up. Control/Alt/Delete sorts this out, but the game then crashes.

I have checked all the drivers and updates.

Can you please advise any solutions please?


ANSWER: Unfortunately this isn't surprising to hear about on a system with Intel graphics - many games will not run, or will not run properly on Intel graphics (this situation has improved dramatically in recent years though), to the point that many game developers will not bother to support Intel graphics, and in some cases will deliberately prevent the game from working on Intel hardware. Unfortunately, as you have a laptop, there are no upgrade options available, meaning the Intel graphics you have is what the machine is set with. If possible, I would encourage returning the game for refund as it is unlikely it will ever be supported on this platform (Intel has, from time to time, released drivers that specifically remedy developer lock-outs, but these are sporadic and even the very best of the newer Intel GPUs offers fairly weak performance, and a game like Battlefront has fairly high system requirements). The most budget-conscious solution would be to get the game for a console (like Xbox One) which will guarantee support and compatibility. Sorry that I don't have better news.


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QUESTION: Thanks for your answer Bob.

Is there a way to replace the graphics card in the laptop? Would this work, or do you think going the xbox 1 route is still the answer?

Thanks again

No, laptops are not upgrade-able in that manner, which is an unfortunate trade-off for their mobility. A console is likely the easiest solution, albeit not as cost effective as if the game would "just work" on the PC. That said, a gaming PC will generally cost much more than the console, and depending on your PC's configuration you may even be able to stream from an Xbox One to the PC. Give this a read for more:



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