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Dear Bobbert,

I am not sure have you heard this question before but I have been going through the internet and can't find a solid answer.

My Lenovo G40 laptop only has a single audio/mic combo input. So I bought a headset with one jack (in my country, they are rare) for gaming teamspeak purposes. When I first bought it, it worked - really well. But few days later, I started working and didn't had the time to play games so the mic was not used. Few weeks later, I tried and the mic doesn't work.

I am not sure is it the computer or the headset. but under the assumption it is the laptop's fault, can you give any advice on how to fix this? I do not want to buy another headset just to find out it isn't the headset's problem.

I am not that tech savvy so what I've checked so far is just the recording settings under control panel. There's a mic but it is not picking up anything. The laptop's build in mic works when the headset is removed. Skype test call could not pick up any noise rom the mic either. Hearing audio is fine.

Thank you in advance.


I'm not entirely clear on how these two devices are being connected - do you mean that the laptop has a TRRS jack that will output audio to earphones, as well as accept a microphone input (similar to what many cell phones offer)? Or that the laptop has both an audio output and audio input jack (two separate jacks)? TRRS connections aren't the most common thing on computers, and usually TRRS headsets require an adapter to work. Conversely, if everything is compatible as-is (the correct plug(s) to the correct jack(s)), it may simply be that the headset itself has become damaged if the computer's built-in microphone is properly working, and nothing is being muted or turned down to minimum level.

Can you test the headset on another device, such as a cell phone or another computer?



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