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QUESTION: I have an Intel g33/35 mother board and a core 2 deo processor.
Is putting a graphic card about 2 gb will allow me to play latest high graphics games like call of duty modern warfare 3, assassin's creed black flag / unity,etc.
I also have 1 gb ram
Also do I need to change the ram to 4 gb.
I need to play in minimum budget.
If a graphic card is enough sugar me a good graphic card..
Thank you.

ANSWER: Most likely a new graphics card would be inadequate to enable the latest games with high graphical settings. The CPU will likely be a limitation (only the very top Core 2 Duo models are still somewhat relevant for gaming), 1GB of RAM is wholly inadequate (many newer games require at least 4GB, if not 6-8GB), and 2GB graphics adapters are generally lower-end parts these days. On a limited budget, an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 would be a much better choice, as they will guarantee play of the latest games, and cost significantly less than a brand new gaming computer. Depending on exactly which games you'd like to play, an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 may be entirely appropriate (for example Modern Warfare 3 is an Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 title, but Assassin's Creed Unity is not).

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QUESTION: I have no idea of buying gaming consoles.I want to make my pc suggest me some best graphic card and if And if i need to change my mother board suggest me some mother board also..
Thank you.
The above answer its great.

You would need to provide more information about your system's specifications and budget in order for me to make a suggestion for a replacement graphics card. However, having said that, I wouldn't suggest that course of action as the Core 2 Duo itself will be a significant limiting factor for newer games like Assassin's Creed Unity. Replacing the motherboard (to upgrade the CPU) constitutes a "new system" and at that point it would be easier to just buy a complete new machine that satisfies your performance requirements. This will, however, cost significantly more than a game console (for the games you're expecting to run at high settings, roughly $2000 US for a top of the line gaming PC is a reasonable estimate; a console is around a quarter of that).

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