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QUESTION: Dear Bobbert,

Just want to start by saying thank you for reading this.

Anyways, I am trying my hand in game recording, specifically minecraft and had downloaded OBS for its apparently a really good popular software despite being free. I am not the most "techy" kind of guy so I have no idea most of what I am saying but pretty much the outcome of the video is very "clunky" for lack of better terms. I have messed with bitrate and frame rate and CBR using online tutorial (personally I have no idea what are they) but none help improve my problems and most worsen it.

I suspect it is just my laptop not capable of supporting it but I cannot afford to buy a brand new computer and not especially for a hobby that may die in the future. Anyway the details of my laptop are:

Model: Lenovo  G40-70
Processor: i5-4210U
Ram: 4G (3.89 usable)
GPU: AMD Radeon R5M230 or Intel (R) HD Graphics Family.

As mentioned, getting a brand new computer is out of the question. I am hoping you can advice me in the settings of the OBS or any other alternatives without the need for a total overhaul.

Thank you advance.

ANSWER: I'm unfamiliar with OBS specifically, but generally software recording solutions will incur a heavier processing load than just playing the game itself. If you can enable QuickSync that may improve the performance somewhat. Lowering the settings in-game would also likely help. Alternately you may consider a hardware solution, especially if you have a second PC available (so you would send the output from the laptop running the game into the other PC via a capture device).


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thanks for your answer. I tried the quicksync and it helped but fps is still at 30 fps at best. Normal slow paced functions record fine but when I start jumping up and down, it felt like migraine watching it.

As for the hardware, as mentioned a new or second PC is not available for me. Not only do I not have the funds but I also physically don't have the space. But I am open to suggestion in improving my laptop's hardware.

I was also wondering have you heard of Bandicam? Internet has mixed review on it and was wondering is it suitable for my laptop capability.

Another question is just whether is it even worth it considering my laptop's current state? I am not expecting to record at extreme good quality and I am only recording minecraft at the moment. I am still at the amateur-hobby stage. I would like to hear your personal opinion on this.

Thank you.


Different software may result in minor performance improvements (or penalties) but ultimately you're facing a hardware-limitation: you need more computational performance than you have, for the task you'd like to do. If you're already running the game at fairly low quality settings it's unlikely there's much else you can do.

One question though: when you're trying to record, are you attempting to produce HD output? Have you tried producing SD/ED resolution video (~480p) instead? That may reduce the encoder load enough to allow this to work more smoothly as well.



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