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I have recently upgraded from XP to W7 and find that several of my older games will not load. They try to open as a cd. I have tried adjusting the default settings. Is there any way I can access the compatibility screen I used to have in XP?

ANSWER: Yes - compatibility options do exist in Windows 7. Right click on the application and select Properties, and then select the Compatibility tab. You may need to do this with the installer (e.g. setup.exe on the CD) in order to begin the installation of the game, as well as for the game's actual executable once installed. You may also need to select "Run as administrator" (this will generally throw a UAC prompt) depending on the application.

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Found the compatibility tab and games load ok. My favourite now gives a message c:\windows\system32\chd.c Does not support full screen cancel. Other games bring the message d3drm.dll missing please cancel.
Am I jinxed?

The first error - do you mean cmd.c and not chd.c? Have you tried setting compatibility mode to force the game in 640x480 screen resolution, and disabling visual themes and desktop composition?

Regarding the d3drm.dll error, see here:

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.



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