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Good morning,

My current build (a build that was done for me) is P8Z77V-LX, Hyper Evo 212, i5 2500k, Gigabyte HD 7870, Zalman Z11 Pro case and 2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9- basically DDR3 1600Mhz CL9.

I've never had one problem with the above (socket 1155) but am going to attempt my own build this time as I think an upgrade is warranted at this time plus my mate is bugging me to give him my pc (he's more into games than me but his pc sucks).

Financial constraints have prohibited  any upgrades to date but I recently got a few bob together and decided to go for it. I knew a seller who had some brand new parts and was willing to cut his prices if I bought multiple items. As I wanted to upgrade and my mate also wanted a better pc I bought the following:

Asus Z97-A Atx mobo - for me
Asus B85M-G Mini Atx mobo - for my pal

2x4 Gb Corsair Vengeance CMY8GX3M2A2400C11R  - basically - 8Gb DDR3 2400Mhz CL 11
2x8 Gb Corsair Value Select CMV8GX3M1A1600C11 - not exactly sure on this one but 16Gb all the same.

2 Questions.

First, I'm getting the i5 4690k for my Z97 (already ordered from Komplett) but I have no idea what to order for my pal. He likes games too but has even less money than me and the 3258 just feels like wasting money to me. The 4460 looks ok for games but again probably beyond budget for him. Any suggestions appreciated.

Secondly, As my current pc is practically already sold (will be delivered as soon as my new one is put together) I'm really at a loss regarding Ram. Of the three sets of Ram I currently possess which should I keep and which should I let go.
Should I put the 16Gb of Corsair Value Select 1600 Mhz in my new Z97 or the smaller 8Gb of 2400 Mhz. Does it actually make any difference or is just "the more ram the better".
Next, which of the remaining ram should I be keeping for my pal's new build (the B85M) and which should I be letting go with my older pc which is actually being sold, in part, to fund these upgrades.
Much and all as I hate to admit it I'm still in love with my 2500k. Did everything I asked of it and more. Not sure we'll see the like of it again.          

Finally, I'm using a Gigabyte HD 7870 in my current build and I have a 560ti 448 core lying in a drawer somewhere. Can you recommend (for when I have some more cash) a reasonable, and preferably not too noisy or expensive, upgrade for my graphics card. Something that will compliment the 4690k. My pal will get the 560ti for now and when I upgrade I'll give him the 7870 which I believe is a little bit better than the 560ti.

P.S. I've also ordered a new Hyper Evo 212 along with the i5 4690k from Komplett. Is this a satisfactory cooler for the processor or should I be looking to something else.  

Again, many thanks.

The 4460 or another i5 processor wouldn't be a bad choice. The Pentium Anniversary is also an excellent value-for-money product, but there are some games that would benefit more from having a quad-core available. Many games, however, are still very bound to single or dual core performance. The 4690 is a fantastic choice as well.

The performance difference on the RAM between 1600 and 2400 will be negligible, if it is even consistently measurable (most benchmarks I have reviewed show results that are often smaller than the margin of error for a given test). I'd go with the 16GB configuration.

For the slower of the two machines, I would re-use the 8GB of RAM, and any other components you have left over. Your instincts on the graphics adapters are correct, and as far as an upgrade I would suggest a newer Radeon, like the R9 390 series.

The Hyper Evo 212 is a good performing part, and with the relatively low heat output of the 4690, should offer excellent performance (at least at stock settings; you're on your own for overclocking because it is a relatively unpredictable endeavor).

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.



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