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I used to play a pool/billiards game on my old computer, it came on a CD and was very realistic. But I can't make it work correctly on Win10, even though I tried to make it compatible using Windows program, so I uninstalled it. And from what I see, most games now don't come on a CD but have to be downloaded(?). I went online to see what was available, and there are lots of them that are free, but you have to download the game first, without being able to sample it or even see how it looks first. That makes little sense to me, because I don't want to downloaded a game and take up space on my computer before seeing how it plays. Are most online games like that? And if you happen to know of a good online pool game, please let me know!  Thanks

Generally you have to download a game in order to run it, due to the performance/functional requirements associated with many games. Games that can actually play in your browser/on-line fit into another genre of software development. When downloading things off the Internet ensure they're coming from reputable sources, scan for viruses, etc - I wouldn't just click whatever results you get after a broad web search for "free download" as likely you won't be getting what you think you're getting.

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