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Hi, I've been trying to find a game, that I used to play and was hoping that you might be able to help.

It's a PC game, most likely for Windows 98, ME, or XP. I can't remember it's name and I only played it for couple hours.

The game has you playing a guy, who I believe is dead from the start of the game. It might also be that he dies soon after the game starts. As the player, you are tasked with trying to solve how this guy was killed.
I believe it played like a point-n-click adventure game, similar to games like the Dreamfall series.

I don't really remember anything else about it right now. It's been about 9 to 10 years since I last played it. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Unfortunately that's not a ton to go on, so I'm largely taking a shot in the dark here - my first thought would be the Soul Reaver series, but that is decidedly not a point-and-click series. Other potential thoughts that come to mind are Post Mortem and the Still Life series (which are point-and-click).

Additionally, you might try browsing/searching on MobyGames (you can look by platform, year, genre, etc), potentially including asking in their "Find a game" forum -,3/dgb,11/

Sorry if this isn't the most helpful of replies - I certainly understand how frustrating it is to try and track down an old game, especially when you don't have a whole lot to go on (if you can remember any character names, settings, etc it can make things *significantly* easier to search for - e.g. "I remember a game where I played a vampire and fought demons" (could be a huge range of games) vs "I remember a game where I played a vampire named Alucard and fought demons in a castle" (almost certainly Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)). Sometimes a relatively broad search on MobyGames of titles in the appropriate age and genre range is the only resort, which can certainly take a little time, but should be possible in a single sitting if you're determined.

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