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I am attempting to replace a bottom pin bracket on a wayne-dalton door. the product id# 13990 with a second product id # 9005. I see that you had previously told someone that it was not manufactured by wayne dalton if it was made pre-2005, the tag has a date of 10/18/2005 so i can assume that it was at least made in the last quarter of 2005.  Yet when i look for parts through WD, i have had no luck at all.  If this door was not made by WD, what manufacturer did make it?  Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Dan,

Are you talking @  a bottom bracket that has a pin holding the cable with a cotter pin in the end?

Does the door have 2 "struts" on each section molded into the steel on the inside of the door. If you could forward a pic of the bottom bracket it would be a help


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I will not answer questions about garage door openers 20 years old or older as they are unsafe, PURCHASE A NEW ONE. How many cell phones have you owned in 20 years? I have 40 years in the garage door industry and have seen almost everything. I sat on the Wayne/Dalton dealers board in 1986,1987,and 1988. I am on the IDEA board of directors ( and am accredited by same. I will, to the best of my ability answer your questions on doors or openers. I will not deal with shinbuster type doors. Replace it if you have one! If your question is about stretch type springs, call an IDEA accredited dealer and have torsion springs installed.


I have been in the overhead door industry for 40 years. I have dealt with all major brands of garage doors and openers. I have been a member of the International Door Association for 25 years( My speacialty is working with and understanding stretch and torsion springs. However, I will never recommened a customer to deal with a garage door spring.

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I have 2 years of collage , am on the IDEA board of directors, and if you didn't notice have been in the industry for 40 years!

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