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QUESTION: I'm getting tired of replacing the photo cell safety feature that prevents me from closing the door with the remote but rather requires me to hold the button inside the garage until the door is closed.  I live by myself and see no purpose to it.  It still has the pressure sensistive reverse if something gets in the way which should be sufficient if something gets in the way. Is there some way to bypass this?

ANSWER: hi Clem,.

The real anwer to your question is no. But, I do not understand why you have to keep replacing them. My company hangs 50 motors a week and cells usually last 15 years, unless they are in a very wet condition. We handle liftmaster and the cells are pretty much water proof. You did not mention the manufacturer of the opener you have, and are you replacing them your self or is a company coming and telling you they need to be replaced. I will admit that the cells may need to be adjusted occasionally, but hardly ever replaced. From what you are telling me, something else is happening. Hope this helps,

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QUESTION: I've replaced these sensors twice, once on mine and once on a friend's and they work properly for a while and then do this same thing.  Both are made by Chamberlain, one is Craftsman and i think the other is Liftmaster but they are interchangeable. When they are malfunctioning they sometimes work on occasion, but usually not.  this is Florida where the humidity is typically high but they are not subject to being wet.Seems like i could splice the wires together to bypass the damned things or do something to eliminate this nuisance.

Hi Clem,

Like I said, they are mandatory to your openers. Are you sure you do not have a short in the white white/black wires going to the motor head. Never replace the cells without cutting the wires about a foot from the cells and hooking them to the motor head to see if they are definitly bad.


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