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My garage door opener is acting up. It will open a couple of feet, then stop. When the remote, or the hose switch is activated again, it goes down 8 or 10 inches, then goes back up that same distance.
I cleaned the laser lens, checked the wires, and made sure the laser is aligned. I don't see anything else to check. Do you have a suggestion?


HI Tom,

The first move is to disconnect the door opener from the door and try the door by hand. The door should raise easily and go to full open and hold itself open. If you cannot raise the door easily, you probably have a door spring issue and an IDEA accredited door dealer ( should be brought into fix a spring issue.  If the door is ok, lower the door to the floor, activate the door opener and see if the travelor goes to full open and full down. If the opener travels properly than the physical sensitivity is in need of adjustment.  I am not sure of your particular Stanley model but there should be pressure sensing adjustments either on the bottom of the unit or in the back where the push button wires come in. You should be aware that Stanley is no longer in the garage door business and I recommend to my clients that Stanley openers be replaced. I recommend Liftmaster products for replacement. Hope this helps,

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I will not answer questions about garage door openers 20 years old or older as they are unsafe, PURCHASE A NEW ONE. How many cell phones have you owned in 20 years? I have 40 years in the garage door industry and have seen almost everything. I sat on the Wayne/Dalton dealers board in 1986,1987,and 1988. I am on the IDEA board of directors ( and am accredited by same. I will, to the best of my ability answer your questions on doors or openers. I will not deal with shinbuster type doors. Replace it if you have one! If your question is about stretch type springs, call an IDEA accredited dealer and have torsion springs installed.


I have been in the overhead door industry for 40 years. I have dealt with all major brands of garage doors and openers. I have been a member of the International Door Association for 25 years( My speacialty is working with and understanding stretch and torsion springs. However, I will never recommened a customer to deal with a garage door spring.

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