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I wrote to you on 5/14/13 with the subject reference.  I didn't know how to add on to my 5/14/13 and ask another question.  So I'm putting in a new question.

I did exactly what I was told to do. Actually I went one step further in case I wasn't doing it correctly. I had a license electrician come over and do it for me. He ruled out there is no interference in my home. We went one by one. He even changed the wire from phase A to phase B in my electrical system, checked all grounds and he could find nothing.

The liftmaster serviceman is coming over in a few days (NY weather permitting) and bringing another logic board. I want him to bring an M-18 scanner or some other type of frequency counter. In addition if it is an interference problem outside my home I was told I may need a 2.0 radio receiver wall control panel MyQ 888LM and a max remote - 3 frequency. They said if that doesn't work I may also need an upgraded logic board. Can it be that complicated??

I am very frustrated.  This has been since May 2013.  I can't believe no one can help me.

ANSWER: Hi Sharon,

In the last 10 years, interference has become a major issue. My company goes on @ 10 calls a week do to remote controls that won't work outside of the garage door. The 888lm is Chamberlain's answer to these issue's although I like to find the actual source. I personally have dozen's of stories about things like doorbells, electronic device called a "rabbit", cell towers out of sinc, many home internal issues's, verizon fios, and on and on. An electrician can only fix the home issue once the issue is found. Hopefully the dealer will find an issue. I would not purchase the 888 however, yoou might as well bite the bullet and purchase a new 8355 or 8550 and be done with it. Both openers are myQ.Go to for more info. Don't misunderstand, this is an idustry wide problem and Geni is having more problems than Chamberlain. Hope this helps


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The serviceman came over yesterday.  Personally I think he really thought it was all an interference problem because it was working sporadically (and it was mine to fix)....and I am so happy that my unit didn't work at all yesterday when he came.  There was no connection between the remote and the unit.  Zip!  

I just find it ironic that he just happened to have the Liftmaster #8355 in his truck (that's the one that you suggested in the email and I sent it to him).  He said he had it in his truck because a customer wanted two and then changed his mind and only wanted one.

I believe it was only with your help and showing him your email above that he then put in the 8355 (my unit was still under warranty so it was at no cost).  It worked like a charm.  One more question though, he said it had the same frequency as the one I had.  Is that true?

I appreciate all your help.  Thank you!!

ANSWER: What model unit did you have before?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mike I had a Liftmaster Professional - these are the numbers on the manual

3255M - 1/2 HP
3255-2M 1/2 HP


Hi Sharon,

The 3 in the model indicates it runs on a 315 mgh freq. Your 8355 runs on the new 2.0 technology which means it actually sends 3 freq at one time, on a very narrow band, so one freq will make it to the reciever no matter how bad the interfiernce. And if he replace it including labor at no charge, CONGRATULATIONS.


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