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Hi Mike,

Craftsman garage door opener. The remotes will open it but not
close. Can only be closed by holding wall button.
The sensors do not light up. I checked voltage at the board and
it showed 6.1. I then connected the sensors directly and neither
one lit up. I thought it strange that both went out at the same time. Does this mean that it is the sensors that need replacing
or am I missing something.


Hi Tim,

Be sure when hooking the sensors directly that the black tracer wire is on the last connection point on the terminal strip and the white w/o a tracer is in the middle connection. You didnt tell me if the lights were both green or if one was green and one gold. Either way, one cell is the sending unit and if it doesn't light, you either have a bad set of cells or a bad logic/reciever board, or both. Here in Maryland we have had a bunch of terrible electric storms this year and I have seen both happen this year.

Hope this helps,


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