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Hi Mike-

I have a Craftsman 1/2hp opener (part# 41ac150-2m) that is about 6 years old. Last week all the lights would go out, head unit 60w bulbs, wall button, and sensor lights, and door would not move. A few seconds or minutes later you would hear a click and the lights would come on and you could open/close the door. Once I even glanced over and the wall button and sensor lights were off and then a click and all the lights came on even though no one had pushed any buttons.

I moved the opener plugin to the other outlet and that didn't help. Plugged a little night light into the open plug and that stays on even when all the opener lights are off so I know the outlet has power. This problem is very random, a few times a day or not at all.

Ideas on what is wrong?


Hi Jim,

You have a logic/reciever control board going bad. That part # you gave me is the control board part #. Price should be $65 to $75. i would suggest getting it from Sears as there are off brands floating in the neither world with may or may not work. Be sure to unplug the unit before servicing and you will need to recode all remote controls, keyless entry's, and embedded automobiles. Hope this helps,

yours in doors.


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I will not answer questions about garage door openers 20 years old or older as they are unsafe, PURCHASE A NEW ONE. How many cell phones have you owned in 20 years? I have 40 years in the garage door industry and have seen almost everything. I sat on the Wayne/Dalton dealers board in 1986,1987,and 1988. I am on the IDEA board of directors ( and am accredited by same. I will, to the best of my ability answer your questions on doors or openers. I will not deal with shinbuster type doors. Replace it if you have one! If your question is about stretch type springs, call an IDEA accredited dealer and have torsion springs installed.


I have been in the overhead door industry for 40 years. I have dealt with all major brands of garage doors and openers. I have been a member of the International Door Association for 25 years( My speacialty is working with and understanding stretch and torsion springs. However, I will never recommened a customer to deal with a garage door spring.

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