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Gastroenterology/Risek 20 mg for Digestive Issues.


Hi Sir,

Good day to you. My mother is 68 yrs old and she has gastro issues quite a long time. She is diabetic, high blood pressure patient and has an arthritis  as well. She face constipation 2-3 times in a month. Also face some stomach disorders. Our family loves to eat spicy foods like normal Asian families do. To avoid stomach disorders, I usually give her RISEK 20 mg (Omeperazole) to her on fasting, this was prescribed to her so many times by our family doctor. He normally gave her to take before 15-20 mins before meal. Doctor gave it to me as well when I had gastric issue few months back. He told me that RISEK works better if we take it with fasting.

Please advise do I keep continue to give it to my mother when she have such gastro issues. Also tell me its side effects. If there is anything you would like to ask in this, please ask. Need your advise on this please.



Hi Jahanzaib

It is very nice to hear that children take care for their elderly parents.
Your question was directed to the wrong person because I do not like acid suppressors.

Why? Read this.

Your mama has many health issues; therefore, focus has to be on the root of her problems, but not the just suppressing the symptoms. You can find healing diet, and many practical advices regarding your mother’s health in my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, Part 2.

Sorry, if you are not satisfied. This is my own opinion!

I wish you and your mother good health.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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