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QUESTION: Dear Peter , I am Rasha mother of two kids 33 years old, height 5'5. weight 132 lb , i exercise every day , my bowel movement is regular ( every day morning) my menstrual period is regular too. i eat healthy food, recently two months ago i started to feel pain ( spasm ) in my anus you can say discomfort rather than pain, some times the pain is in the whole sphincter sometimes it's only on the right part of the sphincter and other times on the left , sometimes i feel the pain in my vagina the lower part some times in the upper part , some times i feel the pain in the right part of my tail bone (Coccyx) some times on the left , even once or twice i have experienced the pain in my left inner thigh. i suffer from bloating stomach ( but since i am active i pass them during my exercise and i eat cumin too), this discomfort is on daily basis for minutes every day and not necessarily all the symptoms.even i go through days without any discomfort. i have visited my gynecologist ,she made echo exam on my abdomen since she had doubted pelvic infection but every thing is normal , she has examined my rectum with her finger and she has told me every thing is normal , she diagnosed me with irritable bowels and asked me to take some relaxant pills for smooth muscles which i did not use because i am not in such pain , my problem is that i am really worried that may be i am suffering from something more serious than irritable bowels , is there any more tests that i can do or my case is really irritable bowel ? really i am so sorry for writing such long complain , but really i am looking forward to hearing your diagnosis..

Beast regards

ANSWER: Hi Rasha

Between your vague symptoms, I focus on one complain “i suffer from bloating stomach.”

What does mean for me bloating gas?

First, your food is not digested well. The common reasons are low function of the pancreas and bile, improper food combining, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), etc.
Second is high fermentation with producing gas and other toxic substances. The reasons are low amount of the beneficial bacteria and overgrowth of the yeasts, bacteria, parasites. Usually, it may happen after antibiotics and some medications. Typically, these two conditions are over related,
I medically explain it in my EBook“Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, Part 1.  Go to functional disorders.

There you will understand what IBS, dyspepsia, etc is? This is functional condition with various symptoms, which are changed in the location and intensivity. The first step in your condition is to change the diet and restore the beneficial intestinal bacteria. More info you can find in my EBOOK, part II.

If you consider that you require more tests, there are some of them.  
•   The CDSA and the CDSA 2.0 offer a comprehensive look at the overall health of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
•   Comprehensive Parasitology Profile (CP)
•   hydrogen breath test
•   Colonoscopy

I wish you health

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco

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QUESTION: Dear DR Peter I need your advice from Gastroenterology point of view , my bloating is OK now after i started eating Greek yogurt...then I started investigating about my vague pain ,i was diagnosed by proctalgia fugax of course after doing MRI to the pelvic and a CT scan to exclude any tumor origin of the pain ,i attached the reports , i did stool analyse too no blood in the stool , i have regular bowel movement every day morning no constipation, the surgeon told my that i have to do colonoscopy , the radiologist told me that there is no need to do colonoscopy because the MRI and CT scan with barium injection in the colon, came normal , i just need you point of view as gastroenterologist , should i do colonoscopy ?with no blood no constipation regular bowel movement..
sorry to bother you again ..

Hi Rasha

I looked at your tests there is nothing substantial. As I can see, your symptoms also are getting better.
Mostly, colonoscopy design to reveal colorectal cancer. Your visual tests are normal. Ask your doctor for the regular Fecal Occult Blood Test and focus on the proper digestion. Consumption of the alkaline-formed foods, taking probiotics, digestive enzymes’, vitamins D and B-12 can be beneficial.

I wish you healthy and happy life.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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