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We have been to our GP several times over the past 45 days for my daughters abdominal pain (she points horizontally at the belly button or slightly to the right). It hurts when she wakes (cries before even getting our of bed) and after taking a few bites of food. (And at random times in between) Her bowels movements have been dark green for over 2 weeks and vary in form. They have treated her for gas, stomach acid, and constipation. 0n a very painful day, we ruled out appendicitis with CT & labwork (but detected an appendix stone). We have a pediatric gastroenterologist scheduled asap, 45 days from now. In the meantime, lots of school nurse visits, pain, and confusion. It even impacts her extracirricilar activities. Any ideas?

Hi Patty

I share your concern about your daughter’s condition. Sorry, I do not have enough date to give
you medical advices. However, something I can presume.

At first, your daughter was under care of doctors in the hospital and the outpatient setting. They did not find the serious problems and gave her symptomatic treatment.

Second, chronic abdominal pain at right to the belly button may have the various reasons such as biliary dyskinesia, dyspepsia, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, gallbladder stones or sludge, parasite infection (giardia, bile duct flukes), intestinal cramps due to constipation, etc. It also may be connected with dysbiosis (Candida-yeast overgrowth) after antibiotics.
It has to rule out these conditions. They all have a clinical picture.

Third. In your question you mention that the pain appears in the morning, before school and in the school hours. You have to make sure that your daughter feels comfortable in school; there are no conflicts, problems with friends and teachers.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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