hello peter, my abdomen looks and feels bloated all the time.  im on lithium which makes me bloated. when i drink lots of water my abdomen feels even more bloated. i do have to have salt for lithium intake reasons. i am currently reducing lithium in an attempt to lessen the edema. what is causing my abdomen to get so big on lithium and how do i reverse the problem.

Hi Christopher

Bloating that increases after water drinking can be the fluid retention. The first that come to my mind is low thyroid function. Goiter and water retention is the most common low thyroid symptoms in lithium treated persons, occurring in about half of patients. Other symptoms may be constipation, fatigue, depression, cold feet, brittle nails, etc.

Check your neck for enlargement.
Next, test yourself for a low thyroid by testing your basal body temperature. Immediately upon awakening in the morning – before you’ve moved at all – place the thermometer in your armpit, leaving it in place for 10 minutes. If your average temperature is less than 97.8 degrees, you could have an under active thyroid.
After that, to rule out my suspicion, asks your doctor about “thyroid panel test.”

I have a few patients with similar problem.
I wish you health.
Peter Melamed, PhD
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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