Hello,   I was hospitalized 5 years ago and they told me I had Celiac disease.  They told me to avoid Gluten which I have done in USA.  I had been on Prednizone and now for the last 3 years I am on Metheltrexate.  I am in Sweden and find I can't avoid eating Gluten so I have been eating what is put in front of me like breads, cakes etc because I don't want to insult my hosts.  I have done this for a month with no symptoms at all.  Do you think I am not allergic to Gluten or is it building up for an attack or is the Metheltrexate keeping things under control or is European gluten different from American gluten?

Hi Don

Taking strong medication that suppresses your immune respond can mask the real picture of your gluten sensitivity. These medications have a serious side effect, educate yourself.

To my knowledge, wheat in U.S. has more gluten due to GMO.
I do not have enough information to give you medical advice. I presume that 5 years ego you had attacks of diarrhea. Gluten sensitivity has a connection with various disorders such as IBS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, autoimmune diseases, neurological disturbances, etc.

If you eat breads because “I don't want to insult my hosts” it is not the point. Your real friends want you will be healthy and will understand your eating restrictions. It is you.
I send you to good article about gluten of Marlene Merritt
Some info about lectins (gluten is lectin) you can get from part 2 of my EBook.

I wish you health
Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco.


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