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QUESTION: My daughter is 14 yrs old with high liver enzymes alt 197 ast 73.At 10 years old her gallbladder was removed and she had a gallstones stuck in her bile duct. She has been in and out of Dr because of stomach pain and liver enzymes going back in forth high.she has gotten ultrasounds ct scan, endoscopy which shows everything to be normal .she had a liver nobody which showed her liver was mild inflamation.August 9 2014 her liver shows alt 197 ast 73.Still doctors don't know the there any specialist that can be recommended that may. Possibly help find out what is causing her to get sick.she has constant diarrehia every day.any advice well help .Thank you.      Sincerely mom Rachael Dr la rosa

ANSWER: Hi Rachael

Situation with your daughter is not simple. High level of liver enzymes typically is symptom of the liver inflammation-hepatitis. If your daughter does not have a history of viral hepatitis, she also not overweight and, I am sure she doesn’t drink, this hepatitis is part of postcholecystectomy syndrome. This condition happens after gallbladder removal. Go to internet, use the keywords such as my name “Peter Melamed PhD," gallbladder removal," “pain," bile acid diarrhea," “sphincter of Oddi dysfunction” and you will find a lot of information about what occurs when gallbladder is gone.

The problem is that postcholecystectomy syndrome is not really pharmaceutical or surgical problems; therefore I use for my patients the healing program that includes special diet, drinking Karlovy Vary healing mineral water, food supplements and herbal medicine for pain, sphincter of Oddi spasms, alkalizing of the liver bile, hepatoprotection, inflammation, restoration of the beneficial intestinal bacteria, etc. Besides, I use acupuncture, gentle abdominal massage, and colon hydrotherapy as needed.

Frankly, I do not know the magic bullet for your daughter, even I treat postcholecystectomy syndrome for 30 years and help many my patients without drugs and knife. Everybody is different and has the various problems.
If you contact me, I will try my best.

Peter Melamed, PhD
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco

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QUESTION: Dear doctor, Thank you so much in your response I was very pleased to hear what you had to say finally heard something that made since to what my daughter has been going through specially when you mention bile acid diarrhea, I have notice that at times she can have diarrhea for weeks straight water ( green) and I have notice her breath well have the same odor has when she goes to the bathroom having diarrhea are you familiar with that? I thought maybe her small intestine was closed or clogged and that was the cause of her getting very sick. SHE HAS NO HISTORY OF HEPATITIS OF ANY KIND AND HER LIVER ENZYMES AFTER REMOVAL OF HER GALLBLADDER HAS WENT UP TO THE 200 s,.it goes up and down.I would appreciate any information or opinion you have.

Hi Rachael

I repeat you that situation with your daughter is not simple.
Individuals with liver disease may have ammonia smell or bile smell. I do not like that. It's alarming me.
My advice is your daughter has to have liver panel test and stool and urine analysis, upper abdominal ultrasound test to verify her condition. Examination at the hospital will be the best.
Be less emotional and more rational now.

I wish your daughter and you good health.
Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco.


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