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Hi, I have been having frequent heartburn, bloating, gas, burping. I have also been v. fatigued and was found to have a Ferritin-16; serum iron, 37, and satn % of 11. H.globin is OK.
After having an endoscopy it was found that my GI tract all the way to the small intestine was inflamed, and there were some specks of blood. The biopsies were neg. for h.pylori, which I had issues with 7 yrs ago.
My internist and GI doc say the iron levels are 'normal", but I'm post menopausal and other than being insulin resistant( despite all other labs being good, so I'm told the IR must be genetic), I am fit, active, eat a gluten- free, low carb, anti-inflammatory diet, and have BMI of 24. I don't smoke/drink or do drugs.I'm also not using NSAIDS.
I don't believe my iron panel is normal at all! The fecal occult study was negative so is it possible that a small amount of bleeding can lead to such low iron levels? Should I also have another colonoscopy(last one 7 yrs ago) In the meantime, what is the best way to increase them quickly please? Thank-you so much for your help!

Hi Tina

At first, you have to be rexaxed because stress can cause stomach ulcers. Your condition is chronic and it is not life threatening.
Low level of iron in the blood may have a few common reasons
1. There is no enough iron goes into the system
  Low amount of the iron in the food (watch your diet, the most of iron is in animal products)
  Iron is not digested properly in GI tract (stomach acid suppressors, deficiency of vitamin C, B,  magnesium, zinc, folic acid, B-12, stomach inflammation, using iron chelators, etc)
2. Lost blood (iron) through
  GI tract,
  Vaginal bleeding
  Nasal bleeding

If I were you, I would do:
Blood test monthly, to see changes
Urine tests (red blood cells, Hb, myoglobin)
Stool on fecal occult blood
Focus on proper digestion
Supplementation with good quality of iron and other guys to increase blood iron level
Alleviation of stress and hormonal issues

I cannot give you medical advice because I need more information. I open for phone consultation.

I wish you health.

Peter Melamed, PhD
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco  


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