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hi dr .since 2 weeks and i am complaining of right lower quadrant pain .like a spasm and it extend to my leg i am.not complaining of any abnormal bowel movement ir fever or weight loss .i did both ultrasound intra vaginal and abdomen and both are clear .blood test normal .i found i have a grion lump under my skin pea size non swelling .rubbery not painful yet i am concerned .if you have a clinical picture please help me .thank you inadvance

Hi Fatima
It seems to me you were checked pretty well. Nothing was found.
Watchful waiting is my advice. Wait and see. Everybody is afraid of cancer, but cancer causes pain in the late stage. You are checked and clear. Pain in the low right quadrant with irradiation to leg may be connected with the obturator internus muscle spasms. Take painkillers and rest a few days.
Have good health.
Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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