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I have been feeling queasy, When I bend down I also feel queasy and then right afterwards I get short of breath. The middle of my stomach when I press it feels hard (it feels as if gas is being formed there and staying there and refuses to pass). In addition when I go to retrieve something in my closet and I have to bend down to get it I feel all of the above symptoms. Help.

Hi Debbie

I do not think it is an acid reflux.
Two things came to my mind.

First, it is sliding hiatal hernia. When you change the position to forward, some parts of your stomach can go inside the thoracic cavity. It may create the symptoms look like yours. It is not life threatened condition, millions people have this. There are some non-drug, non-knife options for sliding hiatal hernia.

Second, it can be bendopnea
It is a novel heart failure symptom in advanced heart failure patients. I do not have much information about you, but if you “retrieve something in my closet” situation is not too bad. We may discuss your situation on the phone consultation.

I wish you health.
Peter Melamed, PhD
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco


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