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QUESTION: Hello there from Australia! I was wondering if you could tell me what causes apthoid ulcers in Ileum and sigmoid colon? This was discovered yesterday when I had a colonoscopy (my brother has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer) The Gastroenterologist said I didn't have any polyps or anything else and I don't need to see him for 5 years. I went home and thought "What actually causes ulcers and is there any cure?"I have worked in Oral surgery so I am familiar with mouth and throat ulcers..are they the same? Also, I have a pretty good high-fiber diet with very little meat and I am fit, active and correct weight for my age, 59. Thankyou for your time.

Hello from San Francisco

First answer is what triggers the aphthous ulcers in ileum (small intestine and sigmoid colon (large intestine).There are many reasons for that such as Crohn’s disease, parasites, bacteria and yeasts, using NSAID, genetic disorders, bile salts, etc. If it would be something serious, your doctor told you about.
It is better to focus what you have to do for proper intestinal health.
•   Diet. No red meat, trans fat, sugars, alcohol
•   Keep your friendly intestinal flora by taking good quality, living probiotics, eating fermented foods, fibers. Colon hydrotherapy can be beneficial, as well
•   Boost your immunity by taking vitamins D, C, B-12
•   Alkalize your body with magnesium-potassium, healing mineral water, alkaline-formed foods
•   Avoid dehydration
•   Eat garlic, onion, turmeric, ginger, blueberries, apple, etc
•   Keep your bowels move one and more per day

If you are the curious person, read my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, Part 2. You will find a lot about healthy foods. If you think negatively, go for stool testing for blood (Fecal Occult Blood Test) two times a year. My advice, think positively and keep healthy life-style.

I wish you good health,

Peter Melamed, Ph.D
Biotherapy Clinic in San Francisco

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thankyou so much for your detailed answer! Very helpful! I will indeed take a look at your EBook as it sounds interesting. I hace had 2 Faecal occult tests done in the last 2 years also and both were negative, which is good. One other thing I forgot to mention is that I have Vonwillebrands Factor 8. I wonder if this slow-blood clotting condition has any connection to intestinal ulcers. What do you think?
Thankyou once again..very much appreciated!

Hi Cheri again

You are right, blood-clotting process is very important for repairing of the tissue. Inner surface of the GI tract undergoes severe and constant mechanical and biochemical damages. Cells inside the intestines change quickly and mucous membranes constantly repair the damage. Von Willebrand factor VIII is particularly important in platelet adhesion to ulcer sites and may cause the aphthous ulcers.

Practically, what does it mean for you? Waiting for catastrophe? No! During colonoscopy, your doctor did not see anything bad and your tests are negative. So, do not read medical papers, you will have iatrogenic problems. Once a year ask about Fecal Occult Blood Test.

Enjoy the life; keep your GI tract healthy. I gave you some advices and you can get more from EBook.

I wish you good health,

Peter Melamed, Ph.D
Biotherapy Clinic in San Francisco  


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