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Hello Dr,

I am 34 Years old Male, health wise i am good except having issue of digestion.
This is almost now 3 years i am having issue of heartburn and burping.
when ever i take my breakfast, lunch and dinner immediately after burping start with bad smell, it really annoying me. i can't control this.
now a days i used to take one spoone of Gaviscon every after my meal. it reduce this problem not make it 100% ok.
kindly advice what i have to do to raid off from this problem
Thanks in advance for your advice

Hi Mustafa

Heartburn and burping are symptoms of indigestion. Gaviscon can improve your symptoms, but not your digestion. Educate yourself

Constant heartburn and burping are symptoms of bad digestion and low function of the pancreas. Indigested food is collected usually in the intestines. Not properly digested foods are fermented by bacteria and yeast with creating many toxic matters, bad smell gases. Consecutively, this toxic mass causes irritation, inflammation, porous gut, food allergies, low amount of the beneficial intestinal bacteria and dysbiosis (Candida-yeast overgrowth or small intestine bacterial overgrowth-SIBO), nutritional deficiencies, internal toxicity, etc.

This toxic matter has just two ways to go: up to the mouth and down to the colon and anus.
By going up, it causes heartburn and burping, nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, belching, fullness, cramps, and upper abdominal pain. By going down, it may cause flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, colitis.
Hiatal hernia  may cause constant heartburn and burping, as well.

What do you have to do to raid off from this problem? I do not know your medical date, so I do not know the simple solution.
For your knowledge, you can find many important to you information and advices in my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, part 1 and 2. Pancreas is core of your proper digestion. Go to functional disorders. Healthy diet is vital.

Have good health.

Peter Melamed, Ph.D.
Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco  


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I published many articles on internet about gastrointestinal disorders. 1. Peter Melamed, Ph.D., Felix Melamed, LAc, MSTCM. EBook Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You. Publisher Biotherapy, Inc, September 2014 2. Peter Melamed, Felix Melamed. Chronic Metabolic Acidosis Destroys Pancreas. JOP. J Pancreas (Online) 2014 Nov 28; 15(6): 552-560 3. Peter Melamed, Felix Melamed. Short Review of Our Work - "Chronic Metabolic Acidosis Destroys Pancreas" with Focus on the Functional Exocrine Pancreatic Disorders JOP. J Pancreas (Online) 2015 Jul 08; 16(4):365-368 4. Peter Melamed, PhD, and Felix Melamed, MS. Acidity Kills the Pancreas. Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine. August/September 2015, p. 74-80 5. Peter Melamed, Felix Melamed. The Role of the Metabolic Acidosis in the Development of Chronic Pancreatitis. SM Group (USA) Chronic Pancreatitis: Recent Advances. 2015, Aug 10

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